The Longest Queue is a repository for a series of essays on cinema I penned between 2008 and 2012 and posted on my now defunct site klephblog. When I deleted the site I believed I had lost most of them but I recently stumbled upon the archive of the original writings. I am updating and revising those pieces and posting them here.

These essays were essentially a way for me to think through the themes and ideas of films that captivated me for one reason or another. They were also a good way to work through some ideas about the medium I have been fascinated since the time I studied aesthetics of cinema under Dabney Townsend at UT Arlington.

There is no great overreaching theme or ambitious goal of this blog. Just thoughts on films and other related mediums. While I will be posting revised versions of the old essays I intend on producing a few others from time to time as well.

So why "the longest queue"? Because that's always the one I get in when I'm late to a movie I want to see.

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